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                                            Standard IMPAC Panels and Columns
Prices and Information 


Created from 3-dimensional IMPAC Panels
O.D.:15 ½"
Standard Length: 96"
Weight: 20#

Columns available in any length of two inch increments
Optional #5109 Column Support Stand shown.
Standard 48" X 96" IMPAC Panels
Material:  14 ga steel wire
Width:  48"
Length:  96"
Depth:  3" or 2"
Grid Pattern:  2"inch Squares
Weight:  21#
Impac Panels available in any width up to 48" and any length up to 144" based on 2" increment
Available with #5104 or 5105 steel trim on any combination of edges

IMPAC Panels can be "cut to curve" and joined together on-site to create curved sections of larger diameter.

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